Zola's Journal - VIII

Zola's Journal - VIII

[Encryption active] I have been returned to my duties and reinstated.  I am thankful. Relieved. Inquisitor Grendyl has authorised it. I was obliged to listen to some fierce words of chastisement from Rannick, and then to read - and sign - a long report detailing my zeal and my operational failures.

That’s fair.  I will take the words, and the content of the report, to heart, and do my best to learn from them and improve.  There is always something new for us to learn, so better to perform our solemn duties, and perhaps I have learned something about myself. If I have, then I will use it to make myself a better servant of the God-Emperor’s will.

I fear that the only reasons I was spared and returned to duty was  that Grendyl wished to retain my inside knowledge of Tertium, and considered me an asset too valuable to lose. In this, he would have overruled Rannick’s intent to run a tight and disciplined warband with no room for zealotry.

I am pleased to return to my work. But I regret that I take little satisfaction from the whole affair. The Karnak Twins are done and gone, but I wanted them taken alive. I wanted the right to interrogate them and learn their secrets. I wanted, through them, to reach Wolfer.  I am robbed of a sense of closure. They won’t permit me to read the final report on the incident. It has been sealed and filed. Rannick says there’s no need for me to see it. The business is over.

The Karnak Twins are dead, and in death, silent. I didn’t even get to see the bodies. [Recording ended]

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