The Traitor Curse Anniversary Update Patch #15

The Traitor Curse Anniversary Update Patch #15

Devoted Rejects

Here are the patch notes for Patch #15: The Traitor Curse Part 1 which just went live on Steam and will be out shortly on the Microsoft Store.

Mission: Mercantile HL 70-04

Wyrmwood reports indicate that the Moebian VI have set up a base of operations in the Carnival. What's more, they are using some of the more disreputable areas of Mercantile HL 70-04 to produce stimms and distribute them out to the rest of the Hive. Get in there and recover samples we can analyse for traces of the Blight.

Dev note:

This mission will be available on the mission board 1-2 hours after the patch release.

Veteran Tree

Enjoy many changes and tweaks made to the Veteran tree, including the addition of Keystones (due to these changes, Veterans will see their talent tree reset and players will have to re-assign talent points).

  • Marksman's Focus
  • Weakspot Kills grant you stacks of 'Focus'. Moving makes you lose stacks of 'Focus'. 'Focus' in turn increases your Reload Speed, and Ranged Finesse Power.
  • For a few seconds after your Weakspot Kills your Focus stacks will stay regardless of if you're moving around or not.
  • Improvements to 'Marksman's Focus' can provide Rending, Toughness Replenishment, Increased Max Stacks, and easier 'Focus' Stacks management

Focus Target!

  • Your Tags on enemies now increase the Damage Taken of the target based on how long you've waited in between each Tag.
  • Improvements to 'Focus Target!'  include increasing the Maximum Strength of your Tag, along with bonuses such as, Toughness, Stamina, and Damage to allies once you kill the Tagged enemy.

Weapons Specialist

  • When killing enemies with Melee Weapons, you power up your next Ranged attacks, granting increases in Critical Strike Chance and Rate of Fire.
  • When killing enemies with Ranged Weapons you power up your next Melee attacks, granting increases in Attack Speed and improvements to Dodging.
  • These bonuses are granted when you swap to the other slot.
  • Improvements to 'Weapon Specialist' include improved Stamina Management to your Melee Weapons, Ammo Management to your Ranged Weapons, and a Toughness Boost.

Inspect Feature

Now you can inspect other players’ loadouts while in the hub and in mission lobbies.When using this feature on the MourningStar you will be able to view the chosen player’s loadout, cosmetics and talent trees - while in mission lobbies you can switch between viewing a player’s weapon loadout and talents by pressing [TAB].


"After the release of Patch #13, several Penances could no longer be unlocked. We apologise for the issue. In this update, we reworked the systems handling the unlock of Penances and made sure that all of them could be obtained. The fixes include, but are not limited to, the following Penances:

  • "Power Up"
  • "Malleous Monstronum"
  • "Resupply Allies"
  • "Bring the Hurt"
  • "Just a Flesh Wound"
  • "I'm in charge"
  • "Marked for death"
  • "Stay strong"
  • "Master your tools"
  • "Make every shot count"
  • "Going Out With a Bang" - Fixed an issue causing the Psyker Penance being able to be completed with a Plasma Gun overload explosion
  • “Friends Will be Friends”
  • "There is nothing but the Abyss" - Lowered the regained health requirement. from 75% health to 25% since that is the new max from the “Holy Revenant” Talent.

We also removed ‘Stand by for Action’ and ‘Rapid Response’ from the list of penances in the game.

Dev Note:

These penances required the completion of a prototype mission type that was removed before launch.

Group Buff Icon Setting

We have added a setting that groups the buff icons in the HUD based on their source. The groups are currently:

  • Generic - Buffs gained from conditions in game or gained from other players
  • Talent - Buffs gained from your own talents
  • Blessings - Buffs gained from your current weapon blessing.

This setting is turned on by default but it can be turned off to enable the previous behaviour. We hope that this will make it easier to see if a talent or blessing is active.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks


  • Ogryn
  • Fixed Issue where 'Light 'em Up' Talent would trigger multiple times on the same shot on the same enemy.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Furious’ triggering on all melee attacks, not just heavy.
  • Psyker
  • Assail - Increased the Base Cooldown. 2s to 3s.

Dev Note:

Assail has been very powerful and has acted like a third weapon in many cases. We’re increasing the time it takes for them to recharge to incentivise switching back to your Primary or Secondary Weapons after using it, instead of wholly relying on them in most Combat situations.

  • Fixed Bug where Psykers 'Warp Rider' Talent gave more damage on low Peril than intended. Used to give 10% Damage at 0% Peril, instead of the intended 0% Damage at 0% Peril.
  • Fixed Issue where 'Brain Rupture' had an inconsistent cast time when under the effects of 'Kinetic Resonance'.
  • Fixed Issue where Peril generated through 'Kinetic Deflection' didn't synergize with 'Warp Expenditure'.
  • Fixed an issue where specific types of enemies failed to be correctly highlighted by the 'Disrupt Destiny' talent. (The issue was only visual).


  • Fixed issue where 'Tactical Awareness' didn't trigger consistently when wielding a Chain Weapon.
  • Fixed issue where Veteran talent "Grenade Tinkerer" also made the player stun immune.
  • Fixed issue where 'Enhanced Target Priority' did not have an effect for all players.
  • Fixed issue where 'Onslaught' applied more stacks of Brittleness than intended.
  • Lowered the Bonus toughness of Duty and Honour from 100 to 50.

Dev note: It became too strong with the combined toughness increase and cooldown reduction of the previous patch.


  • Changed so ‘Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude’ ability staggers bosses 1st and every other pulse instead of first/last.
  • Fixed issue with Zealot Talent "Disdain" where buff icon was not showing correctly.
  • Fixed issue where two ‘Toughness Boost’ Operative Modifiers didn’t stack properly.
  • Changed max stacks for the Zealot Talent "Martyrdom" to 7, down from 9, to correctly reflect the max number of Wounds.
  • Fixed issue with 'Restoring Faith' buff icon showing up at times when it wasn't active.
  • Fixed issue where Pious Cut-Throat didn't trigger properly.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Fortitude in Fellowship’ didn't work properly.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude’ could get stuck wielded with no effect.

Weapons and Blessings

  • Fixed issue where the Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff received the 'Smite' Bonuses from 'Empowered Psionics'.
  • Fixed an issue causing the aiming trajectory for underhand grenade throws to jump upwards when throwing the grenade.
  • Fixed a bug where Shotguns weapon special "reload" wasn't affected by any of the reload speed talents and other buffs.
  • Fixed detailed stats breakdown on the Krourk Mk IV Cleaver.
  • Fixed an issue with attached projectiles, like the Krak grenade, which now is guaranteed to hit the enemy it is attached to. Previously there were some edge cases, if the body part it was attached to was clipping into geometry due to animation, that caused the explosion to not hit.
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon temperature effects to not persist after wielding another weapon.
  • Fixed Stub Revolvers showing "Melee Critical Chance" instead of "Ranged Critical Chance" in the detailed stat inspect view.

Dev Note:

The stat for Critical Hits has always been applied to the ranged attacks of the weapon only, and this has been a visual issue in the inspect view.


  • Fixed Issue where 'Thrust' Power Increase was removed when using 'Chastise The Wicked' mid-swing.
  • Fixed a bug where Cadia Mk IV Assault Chainsword didn't have the correct damage icons in stats pages and updated Light 4 attack to use Strikedown damage profile.
  • Increased the chain time from wield to shoot to prevent macro-abuse on the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol
  • Helbore Lasguns: bayonet - Tweaked the attack speed scaling
  • [*]Achlys Mk VII Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber: decreased time to fire first shot from 0.22s to 0s

    • Increased the speed of heavy 2 on Brute-Brainer Mk III Latrine Shovel by 20%.
    • Fixed an issue for ‘Skullcrusher’ and ‘Thunderstrike’ blessings to show the correct value of 10% instead of 5%, in line with changes done in previous updates.
    • Fixed several issues where melee attacks had wrong attack strength set giving them incorrect audio and sometimes not working correctly with buffs/talents, on Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe, Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator, Obscurus Mk II Blaze Force Sword, Combat Axes and Tactical Axes.

    Brute-Brainer Mk III Latrine Shovel

    • Adjusted Relentless and Strikedown armour mods on heavy attacks to make the Strikedown deal more damage to Unyielding targets as intended:
    • Relentless vs Unyielding 3 to 2
    • Strikedown vs Unyielding 1 to 1.5.

    Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet

    • Removed finesse multiplier that caused very high headshot damage, especially on heavy attacks.
    • Reduced light and heavy attacks slightly:
    • Light 110-220 to 100-200
    • Heavy 175-350 to 130-250:
    • Removed high armour mod for light Strikedown vs Carapace armour to keep it more in line with the Relentless attacks, but keeping the high 0.75 armour mod vs Carapace armour on the heavy strikedown  attacks.
    • Tweaked vs Unarmoured 1.25 to 1
    • Tweaked vs Unyielding 1.5 to 1.

    Dev note:

    Ogryn Gauntlet melee was never intended to replace or be better than your melee weapon, but a thing to smack around a few enemies if the situation called for it.

    Lorenz Mk V Kickback

    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to shoot without consuming ammo if immediately swap cancelling after firing it.

    Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver

    • Added missing chain to melee weapon special from reload action.
    • Added missing chain actions to reload and weapon special actions during the wield action.


    • Fixed a case where horde sounds could be played twice.
    • Pox Hound can now wall jump again.
    • Fixed a case where Pox Hounds could fall through the surface.
    • Fixed a case where enemies would teleport when using spawners on the ground.
    • Fixed a case where Scab Flamers death animation could fail.
    • Increased the rate in which the conflict director ramps up difficulty on higher difficulties, mainly on Maelstrom missions.
    • Reduced explosion damage on Monstrosities.
    • Reduced Bleed Unyielding armour damage modifier from 1.0 to 0.75.


    • Added colour grading according to mission difficulty levels to better distinguish them:
    • Sedition and Uprising: Green
    • Malice and Heresy: Yellow
    • Damnation: Red.
    • Fixed an issue that caused hogtied players to get moved to the first respawn beacon.
    • Fixed door handle servitors icon position to avoid it being hidden by itself.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to bypass the final event in Power Matrix HL 17-36.
    • Fixed an issue where the second train in Ascension Riser 31 seemingly didn’t move for players joining the mission after it started.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from shooting out of the elevator in Power Matrix HL 17-36.
    • Improvements to enemy pathing in Throneside levels.
    • Fixed an out of bounds exploit in Chasm Logistratum.
    • Fixed luggable items appearing in the air in certain locations in Chasm Logistratum.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under elevators in Ascension Riser 31.
    • Moved a battery spawning location in Refinery Delta-17 so it no longer clips through crates.
    • Fixed an out of bounds exploit in Enclavum Baross.
    • Added speedrun exploit prevention in Relay Station TRS-150.
    • Removed low resolution objects that were visible in playable space in Ascension Riser 31.
    • Fixed an area in Chasm Logistratum where enemies and bots couldn't path to players.
    • Added more pickups and chest locations to Ascension Riser 31, Chasm Station HL 16-11, Chasm Logistratum, Smelter Complex HL 17-36, and Enclavum Baross.
    • Lowered health stations charges on non-event health stations on higher difficulties.
    • Removed one health crate and one ammo cache from the pickup pool while raising the amount of big ammo packs spawned.
    • Tweaked how pickups are distributed throughout missions.


    • Fixed voice effect on multiple headgears, including:
    • Ogryn “Mark IX Brute Pattern rebreather (XXXXXL)”
    • Zealot “Hundguard MKIII Rebreather”.
    • Removing voice effect from the Ogryn “MkIII Weldshield (Brute-sized)” headgear.
    • Fixed flattened hair on the back of the Zealot “Solemnity + Penance Herald” headgear.
    • Eyebrows are now visible with the following headgear:
    • Veteran “Steel Legion Flak Helmet (Parade Polish)” + Steel Legion Flak Helmet (Trenchstorm Camo)
    • Psyker “Chem-Safe Rebreather with Psykana Collar (Worn Leather)”
    • Psyker “Chem-Safe Rebreather without Psykana Collar”.
    • Hairstyles should now display properly with the following headgear:
    • Veteran “Commissar’s Cap” +  “Commissar’s Cap (Red)”
    • Psyker “Psi-Veil” + “Witchshroud”.
    • Satchels on the chest of Veteran “Krieg Greatcoat MKI” upper body no longer clip with arms in poses.
    • Fixed the clipping between the collar and the headgear on Veteran “Krieg Greatcoat MKI” upper body.
    • Added extra flames to the Zealot “Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments” upper body.
    • Fixed floating pauldrons on the following upper body items:
    • Ogryn “Chem-Safe Fatigues XXXXL with Shemagh”
    • Ogryn “Bodyguard''s Big Armour (XXXXL)”
    • Veteran “Armoured Combat Vest”.
    • Moved wrist guards so that hands don't clip with them on all Psyker cosmetics upper body rewards from Penances.
    • Fixed clipping issues on Psyker “Krieg Gas Mask with Psyker Adaption” headgear.


    • New user setting: Added separate sliders for horizontal and vertical gamepad look sensitivity.
    • New user setting: "Mute in Background" - Mutes the game whenever it's not in focus. Disabled per default. PC only.
    • Added new buff icons for negative buffs. All negative buffs should now have a unique icon instead of sharing the skull or the flame icon.
    • Updated some controller trigger buttons in the game menus. general improvements to gamepad navigation.
    • Improved warning showing in the inventory for the player if he has the same curio equipped in two different slots. The player needs to update the Curios slots, since the game won't allow loadout changes to be equipped if that's the case.
    • Removed the option to hide the unobtained items in the inventory cosmetics.
    • Using the controller in the crafting menu, the selected weapon gets highlighted when going back from a crafting action into the weapon selection screen.
    • When viewing weapons in Commodore's Vesture, the background no longer shows blurred.
    • If a player has been banned, a ban error message should now be displayed instead of a generic backend error while trying to login.
    • When traversing the inventory or inspecting others, you will now have a better visual representation of the source of an item. Additionally, we've added items from the Commodore’s Vestures to that list.

    VFX, SFX, and Animation

    • Fixed animation issues when throwing zealot knives while equipping certain ranged weapons.
    • Fixed minor issues with grenade pins on Human and Ogryn animations.
    • Fixed a case where looping sounds from spectated players could persist after being rescued.
    • Tweaked Ogryn positioning and size in the Mission Intro camera to minimise clipping when using certain loadouts.


    • Added 50+ new bonding conversations.
    • Fixed an issue where characters could grunt while talking.
    • Mission givers will now nag less during data-interrogator events.
    • Reduced probability on the most common bonding conversations.
    • Reduced frequency of Assail shards equip VO.
    • Fixed so that Voice of Command always plays.

    Other Tweaks and Fixes

    • Fix for crash when minimising the game window and going back into the game during end of mission screen.
    • Removed "Slide" as a bindable input, as it did not function and it was accidentally included in a previous patch.
    • Fix a bug where sometimes a cinematic would be playing and the player could not skip it.
    • Upgraded Webview2 sdk to fix some hanging issues.
    • Raytracing popup. When detecting hardware quality, user has the option to choose if they want to disable Raytracing to get more performance.
    • Upgraded to NVIDIA SL-sdk-2.2.
    • Added Intel XeSS option in settings and hardware detection.

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