The Traitor Curse Anniversary Update Part II

The Traitor Curse Anniversary Update Part II

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing The Traitor Curse - Part 2 before the winter holidays! Continuing the first anniversary celebrations of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, this second part of the free anniversary update adds new features, additional content, as well as fixes and improvements to the game.

The Traitor Curse Part 2 includes:

  • New Consumables - Stimms: Loot four different Stimms from the field to aid you in the fight against the heretics; restoring health, boosting damage, increasing speed or hasten cooldown regeneration
  • New Weapon Marks: Quartermaster Brunt has new weapon variations available to diversify your playstyle introducing, amongst others, the foldable Munitorum Mk III Sapper Shovel and the Agripinaa Mk XIV Quickdraw Stub Revolver with its fanning technique
  • New Mission - Warren 6-19: explore The Carnival’s back alleys and destroy the Moebian production facilities 
  • Time-Limited Combat Encounter: The Karnak Twins have been sighted ambushing strike teams across Tertium
  • Quality of Life: Among several tweaks and fixes brought to the game, we have adjusted the Veteran talent tree based on player feedback to make the keystones quicker to reach
  • Ne - - - REDACTED: Expl - - - ola - - - disp - - - at - - - orr - - - 

In case you missed it, here is a reminder of features we added with The Traitor Curse Part 1 free update, released November 14, 2023:

  • New Cinematic: Learn about the motivations of the Moebian 6th and discover The Carnival, a new disreputable zone promising transgressive distractions and entertainment
  • New Zone & Mission: Strike at the heart of the Moebian 6th operations and fend off hordes of enemies in Mercantile located in The Carnival
  • Inspect Feature: Inspect player loadouts within the Mourningstar and in the lobby 
  • Veteran Talent Tree Update: adding Keystones and several tweaks and changes to the Veteran tree (due to these changes, Veterans have seen their talent tree reset and players have to re-assign talent points)

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