The Traitor Curse - Anniversary Update

The Traitor Curse - Anniversary Update

To celebrate the first anniversary of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, we have prepared a free, two-part update called The Traitor Curse bringing more content to the game. Part 1 will release during November, Part 2 will follow before the winter holidays. 

The Traitor Curse Part 1 - Features:

  • New Cinematic: Learn about the motivations of the Moebian 6th and discover The Carnival, a new disreputable zone promising transgressive distractions and entertainment.
  • New Zone & Mission: Strike at the heart of the Moebian 6th operations and fend off hordes of enemies in Mercantile located in The Carnival.
  • Inspect Feature: Inspect player loadouts in The Mourningstar.
  • Update to Veteran Talent Tree: Enjoy many changes and tweaks made to the Veteran tree, including the addition of Keystones (due to these changes, Veterans will see their talent tree reset and players will have to re-assign talent points).

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Part 2 will be released during December, we will make sure to come back to you with more information on the latter by the end of the month!

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