Hadron Art Contest

Hadron Art Contest

Rejects! Time to get creative.

We want you to create art worthy of the Emperor’s gaze. Your muse? Everyone’s favorite Tech-Priest; the one and only, Hadron. We don’t have any strict guidelines on how you create your masterpiece, whether it’s digital or physical, a painting, cosplay, a video, papier-mâché, pretty much anything goes.

We wouldn’t want to upset the Tech-Priest, so, even though AI art is all the rage lately, we will not be accepting submissions that have used heretical AI tools. If you have a style reminiscent of AI-generated art, fret not, just make sure to document different stages of the project proving that this is in fact your masterpiece so Hadron can rest assured that no undue heresy is taking place.

The winners will be picked by a jury of devs from various different disciplines. The prizes are: 3 Darktide Imperial Edition keys, exclusive Darktide hoodie, Darktide t-shirt and Fatshark merch. We’ll be picking 3 winners. Cut-off for entries is 11 pm CET on April 6th, the winners will be announced on our social media later the following week.

The finer details PLEASE READ

You can upload your submissions to your own social media profile (e.g. Twitter / Instagram) using the hashtag #DarktideArtContest, or
upload it in the appropriate thread on the Fatshark forums. To prove ownership, all submissions must be clearly watermarked with your Fatshark Forums username, Reddit username, social media handle, or show your username clearly in the photo written on a piece of paper (or something similar) Only creations that are Hadron-themed are valid. Please keep all submitted content SFW. You can submit one entry! Please enter original creations! We will be checking. Notice to new members: Your post will have to be approved before it appears here, which may take up to 12 hours if posted during the night. Please be patient, it will be approved! 

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