Fatshark and Darktide went to Gamescom with 900 pairs of socks and returned with an award.

Events have been on hiatus for quite a while now, but they have slowly started to get back to what they were in 2019. The events arranged so far have been a smaller version of their former self, and we expected the same with Gamescom 2022 in Cologne. It was a slightly smaller event, but not by far. The total number of visitors was over 265,000 from over 100 countries.


A seven-person team left Stockholm and traveled to Cologne to demo the game to the media and gamers in the consumer area. Level Infinite invited us to be a part of their booth. The Fatshark area offered 20 computers where visitors could play Darktide. And so they did.

Media Hall

In the media area, we had four computers for the media to play the game. Every hour on the hour, we started a new demo, and during the three days, we met over 60 outlets from all over the world.

Consumer Hall

The Level Infinite booth was packed at all times. The line went through the booth and way out into the hall. In fact, it had to be cut a few times for safety reasons. Seeing so many gamers line up to play Darktide and be patient while waiting for their chance to play the game was amazing. We kept the game sessions to around 15 minutes to make the game available to as many fans as possible. During the five show days, about 1500 visitors stacked up over 1700 hours of playtime.

Best Multiplayer Game

A surprise revealed itself late on Friday: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide won "Best Multiplayer Game" in the Gamescom Award 2022. Something that made us super proud and smiling ear to ear. The award now has a special place in our office.


What about the 900 socks from the headline? Fatshark is known for its choice of merchandise and colorful socks. Everybody loves socks, and have you ever heard the phrase "I have too many clean pairs of socks" uttered? Probably not. We brought 900 pairs, and all found new owners during the show.  

Five Days Later

We left the show on Sunday with so many great memories. Gamescom was great, and we want to thank the people behind the event, Level Infinite, all the media, and all the gamers we met. We hope to see you again in person and the Hive City of Tertium soon.

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