Content Drop: Rejects Unite

Content Drop: Rejects Unite

Our latest drop alongside its patch offer new content, including new missions, a new enemy, a community event, a revamped earnable cosmetics shop, and the reactivation of the premium store. Scroll down to take a look at main features releasing with Rejects Unite!

Content Drop: Rejects Unite and its Patch Include:

New Missions

Archivum Sycorax - Throneside

We are sending you into Habzone HL-19-24, "Throneside," to break into Archivum Sycorax. We suspect the Heretics have been getting help from inside the hive, and we believe there's sensitive information in there that could prove that.

Ascension Riser 31 - Transit

This mission is part of our first community event. Players will unite to achieve 3 challenges. Each challenge will unlock a reward; the last will be Ascension Riser 31. The Heretics are transferring a consignment of Prismata Crystals to their allies in the Hive. Head into the bowels of the Transit Hub HL-16-11, "Chasm Terminus," to intercept and seize the shipment before they can complete the transfer.

New Enemy

The Chaos Spawn - an old f(r)iend returns

  • : The Chaos Spawn will now be roaming Tertium as Darktide's fourth monstrosity.


New shop dedicated to earnable cosmetics

  • A new servitor is moving on the Mourningstar, taking the vacant spot left by Brunt's Armoury location change.

Additional earnable cosmetics

  • More cosmetics will be patched into the game for players to earn.

Lock & Unlocked Inventory view

  • Players will now be able to track which earnable cosmetics they have obtained, where they came from and how to get the most elusive ones.

Premium Store

  • After a break spent to focus on improving Darktide, we are re-opening the premium store, featuring new sets of cosmetic items.

Darktide is currently discounted at 30% during Skulls! Make sure to grab the game while the sale lasts!

Check our CommLink on our forums to deep dive into the features mentioned above!

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