Community Comm-Link Week 9

Community Comm-Link Week 9


Last week we saw the arrival of Patch #4: Blessings of the Omnissiah, Hotfix 1.0.31, Hotfix 1.0.31+, and Hotfix 1.0.32 which brought a TON of changes, including the addition of Brunt’s Armoury, weapon balancing, earning blessings and more.

Next week we will release a small patch including small Psyker and Ogryn buffs, bug fixes, and some crash resolutions. 

Towards the end of March, we will release a large patch - more details on this will be in the next Comm-Link, so stay tuned!

We also want to thank you for all the great feedback you gave while testing our new and improved Hunting Grounds Condition. 

Now, onto some answers to questions asked by the Community this week…

Experimental branch

We are still testing the changes in the Experimental Branch, if you are having issues with GPU-related crashes, please consider looking at this post on our Forums

We don’t currently have a timeframe for when we expect to add any of these changes to the main server. We will move things over when we know it has a solid impact on stability and won't impact performance or gameplay. As soon as we are in a spot to add these, we will let you know!

Base rating of weapons for players at Level 30

Since the release of Patch #4 we’ve been busy monitoring the feedback and data regarding both item acquisition and the Shrine. For the patch next week we will make some small adjustments based on some of our findings. For characters at level 30, you will no longer see a weapon with a base rating of under 300 from the Armoury Exchange, Sire Melk's Requisitorium, or through the Emperor's Gift. The rest of the changes we are currently working on, we will cover in the patch notes next week.

Is it possible that icons for unlocked Blessings might be coming?

Yes, we're currently developing the ability for you to see which blessings you have earned at the Shrine, and which blessings you still have yet to earn. You will be able to see the difference in all places where the blessing icon is present, including the Armoury Exchange and Sire Melk's Requisitorium. Both the list of weapons, and on the larger detailed weapon card.

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