Community Comm-Link Week 7

Community Comm-Link Week 7


Last week we saw the release of Patch 1.0.25 and Hotfix 1.0.26, which was focused mainly on tweaks and balance of weapons as well as some quality-of-life additions. We also published a Dev Blog that took a deep dive into the upcoming changes to the Shrine of the Omnissiah. From this, we saw a great amount of constructive feedback that we will keep in mind going forward, as well as some burning questions  - which we will answer here.

How do you get different Blessing tiers?

When you surrender a weapon to Hadron, you will receive the Blessing from that weapon at its current tier. To get higher blessing tiers, you will need to find weapons with an improved tier on them and surrender those weapons to Hadron.

Will you be making any changes to resource drops?

Yes! We will be increasing the amount of crafting resources you find in missions and adjusting the resources you find at higher difficulties to include more plasteel.

Upcoming Patch

We will be releasing a larger patch containing all of the changes to the Shrine of the Omnissiah and more by the end of February! Here is a bit of a sneak peek of what you can expect from the upcoming patch:

  • Changes to the Mission Board - We will increase the number of available missions on the mission board from 12 to 16 and the difficulty distribution of the missions with higher difficulties getting more representation. We will also lower the mission timers, so that by the time you complete a mission a new one has rotated in!
  • Changes to the Shrine - We will be adding the ability to earn Blessings permanently and be able to re-bless your weapons.
  • Changes to the Armoury Exchange - We will release a new feature to the Armoury Exchange where players can acquire any weapon type by its mark (Mk) that has been unlocked by achieving the minimum level required.
  • Changes to the amount of experience and currency earned on Side Missions - Both Side Missions and Conditions will now award different values of XP and Ordos Dockets. They will also scale in the amount given relative to the difficulty level of the mission they are attached to.
  • Emotes?! - We're beginning to add more social interactions to the hub world of the Mourningstar. Following the next patch, you will be able to equip yourself with emotes and say hello to your fellow rejects!

We look forward to seeing you in the next update!

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