Community Comm-Link Week 11

Community Comm-Link Week 11


Last week we saw the release of Patch #5 and Hotfix 1.0.36, which were focused primarily on quality-of-life changes, bug fixes, and a couple of small buffs for Psyker and Ogryn. Towards the end of March, we’ll release a small content drop containing some additional tools for you to help in the fight against the heretics of Tertium!

The content drop will be accompanied by a large number of bug fixes and improvements*.

Here is a sneak peek of two of the weapons you will find included:

Ironhelm Mk IV Thunder Hammer -

These Thunder Hammers have a weapon special that gives players some cleave before triggering some extra damage when stopping.

Deimos Mk II Blaze Force Sword -

This Force Sword employs more of a thrusting attack pattern that is great against armoured, single-target enemies.

Furthermore we’ll be deploying a couple of new conditions (and some modified versions of already existing conditions), which you will be able to see on the Mission Board in the coming weeks.

Now onto some questions!

Material Pickup Prompt

We’ve seen the community feedback on the recent patch that added new notifications when picking up crafting resources. We'll be looking at implementing a toggle for this option in the interim so you can choose to opt out of the notifications.We're also reviewing the HUD in general with how it works and providing both feedback and information - so please let us know your thoughts on the current HUD and what you would like to see going forward!

Can Opener Blessing

Some players have been asking about a bug with the Can Opener Blessing on the Foe-Rend Ripper Guns - we will add a bug fix in the upcoming content drop so that the brittleness will only be applied on a stab attack.Alongside this bug fix, we’ll add a few buffs to the Foe-Rend Ripper Guns, including; doubling the stacks of brittleness per stab, increasing the stagger capabilities, increasing the damage and armour penetration per stab, and some changes to movement penalties. Detailed patch notes will go live shortly after the content drop releases!

* added after posting by Catfish for clarity

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